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Anhui Anhuang Machinery Co.,LTD.
Address£ºThe economic technique development area


    ¡ñIn Aug. 2006, Anhuang Group has been restructured to Anhui Anhuang Machinery Co., Ltd. at 3.9 sq. Km Industrial Zone of Anqing City.

    ¡ñIn Dec. 2004, the new precision forging area was founded by Anhuang Group, with an investment of RMB50,000,000 at 3.9 sq. Km Industrial Zone of Anqing City.

    ¡ñIn Dec. 2003, at the original Anqing Auto Factory, Anhuang Group founded the new production lines of heavy leaf-spring and forklift axles with an investment of RMB40,000,000.

    ¡ñIn July 2003, Anhuang Group acquired the capital of original Anqing Auto Factory.

    ¡ñIn Dec. 2001, Anqing Anhuang Automobile Parts & Accessories Co., Ltd. was founded with The State Economic and Trade Commission¡¯s approval which were  invested jointly by both of Anhuang Group and China Huarong Asset
Management corporation.

    ¡ñIn Oct. 1995, Anqing Automobile leaf-spring Group Co., Ltd. was founded with Anqing city government¡¯s approval.

    ¡ñIn March1995, Anqing Beche Precision Forging Parts Co., Ltd. was founded which introduced technology and equipment from German BECHE & JECO companies, and which located in Anqing economic and technological development zone, having enrolled capital RMB60,000,000.

    ¡ñIn 1980, the production changed to automotive leaf-spring which renamed to be Anqing Automobile Leaf-spring Plant.

    ¡ñIt is set up in 1969 and located in northern part of Anqing city with original name Anqing  Diesel Engine Factory. The main product is the diesel engine of S195.

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