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Anhui Anhuang Machinery Co.,LTD.
Address£ºThe economic technique development area

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    Anhui Anhuang Machinery Co., Ltd. is stripped-down from Anqing Automobile Leaf-spring Group Co., Ltd. After
aggrandizing, it has enrolled capital RMB40,000,000. In 2006, the total asset was RMB280,000,000, sell revenue was RMB305,000,000 and rate paying was RMB38,000,000.
    The company has sub-companies: Anqing Anhuang Automobile Parts & Accessories Co., Ltd., Anqing Beche Presion Forging Parts Co., Ltd. and Anqing Anhuang Construction Machinery Filiale. The main products: auto leaf-spring and flexible parts, precision forging pieces, such as auto steering knuckles and pistons, steering alxe and driver axle of forklift trucks ect. Our customs includes: JAC auto group, Yuejin auto group, Chery auto Co., Ltd., Golden Cup auto Co., Ltd., Great Wall auto Co., Ltd., Valin auto Co., Ltd., Goldendragon auto Co., Ltd., Yaxingbenz auto Co., Ltd.,
 Beijing-Chrysler auto Co., Ltd. etc, pistons are supplied for U.S market. By 2010, to become top in national auto component parts industry, with income RMB1,000,000,000, tax and profit RMB160,000,000.
    Brand Products:  ¡°Anhuang¡± brand auto leaf-spring, forklift truck axle,  ¡°Beche¡± brand precision forging.
    Honors:  Province-level techno-centre, Province-level high-tech enterprise, Top brand of Anhui province, Certification of ISO/TS16949. 

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